Sukhdeo Narayan Lal Bahadur Sita Ram Memorial B.Ed College

Under Lal Bahadur Sitaram Educational and Welfare Trust

Regd. No. : 2086-2009/10


Library Details

  1. Sitting capacity in the Reading Room:- 50
  2. Number of Books:- 4826
  3. Number of Titles:- 1575
  4. Number of Reference books like encyclopedias:-107
  5. Names of journals subscribed:-
  6. Research Journal of human development
  7. Journal int.L. Journal of Education Admn. & MGT.

iii. Journal Education & Socity.

  1. Journal Int.L Journal of Education Technology & Social media.
  2. Journal Education plus.
  3. Journal Education Technology & Research.

vii. Journal Education Time.

viii. Journal Excellence in Education.

  1. Journal Thoughts on Education.
  2. Journal Education at the cross roads.
  3. Number of books added during the previous academic session:- 3125
  4. Number of books added during the current academic session:- 1701
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