Campus and Infrastructure

  • Available Land area in Square meter :-3450 sqm.
  • Whether the available land is on:- Ownership basis.
  • Built-up area in square meters:- 3026.490 Sqm.
  • In case of multi-storey building built-up area in square meters on each floor:-
S.No.  Floor Built-up area in Square Meter
Block-I Block-II
1. Ground Floor 719.354 sqm. 458.810 sqm.
2. First Floor 719.354 sqm. 345.921 sqm.
3. Second Floor 719.354 sqm.  
4. Third Floor 63.695 sqm.  
                                                                     Total Area 3026.490 sqm.


  • Mention if Fire safety equipment has been installed :- Yes   If yes, mention if the same are installed as per Building Bye Laws:- Yes
  • The information regarding the available infrastructure be provide in following Table:-
S.No. Infrastructure Whether available Yes/No Size in sq.ft.
a.                          Classroom


I.                    Classroom 1

II.                  Classroom 2

III.               Classroom 3

IV.                Classroom 4






1.       495.51

2.       535.31

3.       612.92

4.       556.22

b. Multipurpose Hall Yes 2042.81
c. Library- cum- Reading Room Yes 1029.72
d. ICT Resource Centre Yes 661.29
e. Art & Resource Centre Yes 430.14
f. Health & Physical Education Resource Centre Yes 533.32
g. Multipurpose Playfield Yes 20292.75
G(ii)  Whether following facilities are available in the Institution:


a. Principal’s Rooms Yes
b. Staff Rooms Yes
c. Administrative Office Yes
d. Visitors Room Yes
e. Separate Common Room for male & Female Students Yes
f. Seminar Room Yes
g. Canteen Yes
h. Separate Toilet facility for male & Female Student Yes
i. Separate Toilet facility for Staff Yes
j. Parking Space Yes
k. Open space for Additional Accommodation Yes
l. Store Room Yes
m. Medical facility Yes